Allergy Test

Allergy Test

VOC (Formaldehyde) Test

VOC (Formaldehyde) Test

Formaldehyde, Benzene & Ammonia are the examples of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) which is dangerous to human health. They are mainly generated from the adhesives in furniture, floors and tiles during indoor renovation. High density of VOC (Formaldehyde) will damage human liver, kidney, brain and the nervous system.


To detect the density of VOC (Formaldehyde) using RAE® VOC Monitoring Devices. The monitor can reveal the real time air pollution level and provide important basis for improving indoor environment and air quality.



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Safety Levels


Excellent Class

Good Class

Formaldehyde (ppb)

< 24

< 81

TVOC (ppb)

< 87

< 261