Household Cleaning

Household Cleaning

Curtain / Drape

Curtain / Drape

Service Highlight

Public Photos / Files - bullet_point Remove dusts and various allergens i.e. pollens, dust mites and mould spores

Public Photos / Files - bullet_point 100% no shrinkage and remove creases

Public Photos / Files - bullet_point Eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to chemical cleaning methods

Public Photos / Files - bullet_point Save additional transport fees (On-site Steam Treatment)


Standardized Service Procedures

Public Photos / Files - 1 (1) Ultra Violet treatment (UVP Handheld UV Lamp) kill germs and allergens

Public Photos / Files - 2 (1) Miele Allergy Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA filter remove dust and allergens like pollens, dust mites, moulds, bacteria & fungi

Public Photos / Files - 3 (2) Karcher Professional Steam Cleaner deodor and kill bacteria, germs, viruses, dust mites and mould spores

Public Photos / Files - 4 Anti-mould Coating inhibit the growth of mould